GATE 2016 Scorecard can be downloaded from
  • See "Post Exam" for question papers and final answer keys of GATE 2016 Examination. For multi-session papers, the result view displays the normalized marks which may be different from the actual marks obtained.
  • Multiple Payment issue: All the refunds of multiple payments have been done, except for payments made recently for contesting answer keys. If a candidate still feels that he/she made multiple payments and have not gotten due refund(s), they can claim chargeback. For how to claim a chargeback, please contact your bank or credit card issuing authority.
  • Contesting answer keys Refund: Refund for these successful contestants have been made Click Here.

Exam schedule of GATE 2016

Date Session Code Paper Code
30.01.2016  S1  ME and EC
30.01.2016  S2  ME, BT, CH, GG, MN and PH
31.01.2016  S3  ME and EC
31.01.2016  S4  EC, AR, CY, IN, MA and PE
06.02.2016  S5  CS and CE
06.02.2016  S6  CS and EE
07.02.2016  S7  CE, AG, EY, MT and PI
07.02.2016  S8  EE, AE, TF, XL and XE